DCTV Price List     Prices current as of November 2021

Digital TV Antenna System Installation in a New Home

Job includes 1.5m mast & RF splitter (Supplied &  Installed) Note: If a Mast Head Amplifier is required, add $132 Inc GST

$330.00 Inc GST

Replacement Digital Ready Log Periodic or Yagi type TV Antenna  (Supplied & Installed) ($242.00 for High Set Homes)

$220.00 to $242.00 Inc GST

Additional TV or Telephone Outlet (Supplied & Installed)

$165.00 to $220.00 Inc GST

New Mast Head Amp/Booster U/V 24dB Gain (LTE Filter)

$176.00 Inc GST

Digital TV, DVD, STB, PVR , Pay TV Tuning/Setup/Reconfiguration

$55.00 Per ½ Hr Inc GST
Plus Parts

Replacement Mast Head Amplifier Power Supply

$110.00 Inc GST

NBN Outlet/Router Relocations

On Site Quotation Needed

Replacement TV Outlet (Supplied & Installed)

$88.00 Inc GST

Relocate existing TV Antenna & Mount to a new spot on the roof

$187.00 Inc GST

TV Antenna Repair or Digital TV Reception Improvement

$55.00 Per ½ Hr Inc GST Plus Parts

Upgrade existing TV antenna cabling with Digital RG6 Quad Coax

On site quotation needed

Wi-Fi Access Points. (Supply and Install)

$363 Inc GST

Wall Mounting TV (Supply & Install)

On Site Quotation Needed

1.5M Mast Extension with metal stay bars (Supply and Install)

$198.00 Inc GST

3.0 Metre Optic Fibre Audio Lead  (Supply Only)**

$55.00 Inc GST

3.0 Metre HDMI Lead (Supply Only)**

$44.00 Inc GST

Cat6 Point to Point fast & secure Data Circuit  (Supply & Install)

$220.00 Inc GST

Cat5e Point to Point fast & secure Data Circuit  (Supply & Install)

$198.00 Inc GST

Extra Pay TV Outlets and Relocations

On site quotation needed

Yagi or Log Periodic Digital Ready  TV Antenna (Supply Only)**

$132.00 Inc GST

Mast Head Amplifier UHF/VHF 32dB Gain (Supply Only)**

$187.00 Inc GST

RG6 Quad Coax Cable (Per Metre) (Supply Only)**

$1.65 Inc GST

Power Supply For Mast Head Amplifier (Supply Only)**

$55.00 Inc GST

Tripod Roof Mount with Mast Pole (Supply Only)**

$66.00 Inc GST

Security Alarm and CCTV Systems Supplied and Installed

On Site Quotation Needed

* DCTV does not charge any callout or travelling costs for customers in the Redland and Bayside suburbs. These suburbs are listed on the DCTV Web Page.   http://www.dctv.com.au/

** “Supply Only” refers to the supply of parts or products from our mobile vans while on your site doing other work.